Senior Pictures – Keeping it REAL

Robert Akers Photography Sr Pictures

Today there are too many photographers OVER USING photoshop. Senior Pictures are a celebration of who you are. They are all that you have become !!! Please don’t get me wrong I use photoshop a lot. However it is not to make you into something you are not. You will not look like a Barbie Doll with porcelain skin, eyes whitened and brightened to look like head lights and 20lbs lighter. I will photograph you with great lighting that naturaly makes your eyes look brilliant. I will use poses that flatter your body to show how great you look. I do remove blemishes because they are temporary and do not change who you are. It has taken a long time to realize that everyone is beautiful, not just what advertisers tell us. As a photographer my job is to (here come the puns) Show you in your best light, put your best foot forward and let your inner light shine.

And don’t even get me going on filters. Once again used correctly with a purpose they can save time in editing. But to many times we see a less than great picture with a crazy filter to try and make it better.

Here are three things you can do to help me create Sr. Pictures that you, your friends and your parents will love. ONE, choose some outfits that are your favorite. TWO, What are your hobbies and extra curricular activities. Let’s get some shots these!!!! THREE, Where do you want to have your pictures done??? By the sea, downtown, at your house or someplace else, it’s your choice. I travel to Biddeford, Sanford, Wells, Portland, South Portland, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Freeport, Ogunquit, Arundel, Saco. Just about anywhere in southern maine. I love new places.

The pitures you see above have NOT been photoshopped at all!!! I put them up just to show you how good photography can show how great you look. Later I will use photoshop to add some finishing touches.

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