Choosing what to wear for your family Beach Portraits

This is one of the most important parts of planning your family beach photos.  What to wear?  Most of the time it is a woman who is putting this all together.  And for those women who are doing it, my hat is off to you.  Getting everyone to agree to have a family portrait is hard, getting to commit to a time and place is a miracle and getting them to wear the right clothing will throw some people right over the edge.  Lucky for you that you are reading this blog post!!!!

So lets start of with some theory.  Chose colors that work well together.  Choose colors that blend nicely with the beach.  Example red and green look like Christmas and not as good on the beach.  So the color of sand is tan.  A very neutral color.  Blue is in the sky and water. Green is in see grass and plays well with blue.   White, grey and black will go with almost any thing.  So lets look at some picture with these colors and see what we can do.

White and Khaki on sea grass with blue sky

Khaki has a slightly more formal look than blue jeans and goes with anything on the beach.

Family in blue jeans and white shirts

Blue jeans look great at the beach and as you will notice they are all a slightly different shade that helps to keep from being to matchy, matchy.

Here we are back to Khaki and white but I wanted you to notice the whites are not all the same.  There is a dress, sleeve less blouse and collared tenis shirts. So people are able to maintain some uniqueness while not standing out.


The next image you will see is for those who like color.  This is not easy to pull off but it was not too bad here.

Beach portrait with bright colors

Notice that we have the basic colors already mentioned and other colors the work with the sunset.

The big thing you want to avoid is to have one person jumps out.  This means if every one has a white shirt and one person has a black shirt, it would make the person in the black shirt separate from the group.

Solid colors are best !!!!  Prints and plaids draw the eye and should be avoided if possible. However, some low contrast prints may work, but be careful.


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