Composite Senior Portraits, pictures that get people talking

Today and everyday Robert Akers Photography pushes the boundaries of high school senior pictures.  Composites are just one of the ways we do it.  A composite is a picture made up of many different pictures.  In this ballet dancer composite we photographed Morgan in many different poses.

Ballet Dancer in arabesque

We then converted them to pen and ink drawings and put them on the stands. Each stand is also a separate picture.  We then blend each image to create the right lighting in the picture.  Most of the time people ask, “where was this picture taken?”  The answer is in our studio.  However, it was on a special back drop and the only thing or person that was photographed, was the person being photographed.  Ahh the magic of what a master photographer can do today!!  Every year we look at what is happening not only in Maine, but all over the country, and we do what we do best and get creative so you have a fresh and current look that will last not only your lifetime but that of future generations.  No, high school senior ever thinks that this will make them look so cool to their children, but they do think their friends are going to be jealous of how cool they look of how many likes they are going to get on Instagram!!!


Ballet Dancer with art pictures all around her in the loft

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