High School Senior Portrait composite for an Artist

I am very excited about this image.  It is the first artist loft portrait I have done.  While I have done quite a few of sports, I have been trying to get an artist in for months.

Julia, Sr. Loft Portrait

The fun part is putting in all of her work.  It is so great to see how talented some of these High School artist are.  There are a few other artists I am chasing so, there will be more to come!

You may be asking why is this so important to do for a High School Senior, this will not be her picture in the yearbook!!  Or will it?  The answer is simple and goes to my core beliefs for Seniors.

1)  You are special and my work is all about you looking great and capturing you in every image

2)  Statistically more than 90% of you will never have a profession photographs of  you by your self, where it is all about your, for the rest of your life.  So lets do it right!!!

3)  And most of you will not care about this until you are much older, you will have have pictures of yourself to prove to your kids you were beautiful, talented and very cool.

Creating these composites is very time consuming. Everything has to be place correctly for good composition.  All of the shadows have to be made to have the right contrast and direction so the light looks like it came from the windows.  For those of you who do not know what a composite is, here is the answer.  It is the combining of many photos into one portrait.  In this image each wall, window, floor, ceiling, item, prop and person is a separate picture. Then, it is all put together in photoshop to create what you see.  It is super fun to do, but it has taken many years to learn how to make it look real.  So, give us a call and find out what Robert Akers Photography can create for you !!!


Kennebunk, Maine

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