Holiday Family Reunion Pictures

Family Reunion at Portland Country Club.. the goofy shot.  See the kids funny faces!!!

OK, it’s the grand parents anniversary and everyone is getting together for Christmas.  This is the perfect time for a Family Portrait.  But, it is two days after Christmas and very cold outside.  I guess we can do them inside…great idea!!   I have done a few outside braving the elements.  Most of the time, OK all of the time it is challenging.  Especially with small children.  It seems they are not afraid to show everyone just how miserable they are.  But it can be done.  Here is one done on New Years Day.  The Temp was 6 degrees F.  Every one would run out side for a picture and go back in to warm up.  This was done with about 5 different groups, and then some couples and individuals.  Below is the group shot at sun set.  Yes, it was getting colder.  I was outside the whole time and was dressed like and Eskimo.  But could not keep my gloves on all the time because I had to push the button to take the pictures.

  The whole family got together on New Years Day and the temp was 6 degrees.

January first on the Maine Coast. Very Cold Out

As you can see the outdoor pictures are more scenic and the indoor pictures the people look more relaxed.  The most important thing is that both these families will have memories and stories about their family portraits to share for generations.  That is the real value of having a family portrait done on the Holidays!!!

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