Canadian Passport Photos

Canada has some very strict rules for passport photos. 

First is that it needs to be done by a professional.  However, the term professional is a fairly loose term, now a days.  Half of the Canadian Passports I do are people who had it done somewhere else and it was returned for one reason or another.

As a master photographer and Certified Professional by Professional Photographers of America, I know how to create a great picture.  Understanding how to light, pose and expose a passport makes all of the difference.  This is why so many people trust us for passport pictures.  Because if your Canadian passport picture is rejected you lose 1 or 2 hundred in application fees, and have to apply again.

We also do passports for all other countries as well.  Here is a link to the requirements for a Canadian Passport.

Please give us a call for any questions and to set up a time for your passport photo.


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