Modeling in Maine

Model Portfolio

Modeling in Maine can be difficult, but it is possible.  There are a number of companies that use them and a number of agencies that represent them.  So having a good portfolio is a must.  These would include images from past jobs and good images that show your abilities.  If you are just getting started we would love to help you.  So here is what you need, first, two head shots one with make up and one with out.  This will allow and agency or client to see your features and how you look with make up.  If you are serious about this use professional Hair, make up and photography.  Unless you are a professional in any of these plan on spending a little money.  Remember a first impression only happens once, don’t take the chance.  I have worked with a number of hair stylists and make up artists and I have also photographed those who do their own.   Ninety Nine percent of the time the professional is better and faster.  Photography is all about the lighting, posing, angles and exposure.  As a Master of Photography I can tell you this can not be done right without the right equipment and at least 10 years of professional experience.  So when you are ready to put together your modeling portfolio, give us a call and see what we can do for you!!


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