Hybrid Photography

This is the latest most exciting thing to happen in the Digital Age for allow you to get your message out to the world.  Hybrid Photography is the melding of video and still photography, done with the purpose of letting people know who you are and what your business can do for them.

Here is why our new Ecard and Ebrochure are a must for your Branding and Marketing plan

  • watching video is more interesting
  • people remember more when watching an Ecard than when they read text on your website or in your email
  • nobody can tell people what you can do for them as well as You can
  • Video increases SEO
  • Ecards have 3 different calls to action to get people to you quickly
  • Ecards have a built in metrics to let you know just how effective your Ecard is.
  • Ecards are multi platform.  Whether it is seen on a computer, tablet or phone it looks and works great

Here is an example of an Ecard from Robert Akers Photography

Business Card

simply click on the card