Business Headshots

Don’t make these mistakes on your Business Headshot!!! So many people think their business headshot is like a profile picture, but don’t believe it. Your business image is a first impression to new people. It […]

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Great Family Beach Portraits in Maine

Creating Family Beach Portraits is something I have been doing for over a decade. I have learned a lot about what makes a great family portrait on the beach. First you need a beautiful beach. […]

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High School Senior Portraits in Maine

High School Senior portraits done for you in a natural, artistic and professional way.  Why are they so important?  Why do you need a professional to create your Senior Pictures? Let’s face it most people […]

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Head Shots for Actors, How to do it right!!

    This is an article I cam across from www.backstage.com discussing 7 important things to consider about a great head shot.  If you are not happy with or need to update your Acting headshot, call […]

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Welcome to the Robert Akers Photography Blog

Here is one of my best friends son.  He is in Jr High and is running the mile indoors.   As he was running, my coaching impulses kicked in and I was pushing him to […]

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